Increase Sperm Cell Count

Having the ability to reproduce and make a kid of your own is one of the major happiness in life. From two little cells that are not even visible to the eyes, one can create a human being. It’s like magic!

For most, doing this little magic thing could be as easy as one two three. At the first try, they could easily fertilize an egg then have a baby after nine months.

There are even some who don’t plan for it yet are given babies. But there are unfortunate ones who have tried and tried but still have not been successful even if many months had pass.

These couples who have this situation have a problem that could either come from male or the female.

A lot of infertility problems could be coming from the woman’s part that could have been attributed to her irregularity of menstrual period.

If this happens in a woman, it would be then very difficult for the couple to find the right time that they could successfully fertilize the egg.

But what if the problem is on the man’s behalf? If the problem comes from the male side of the partnership, it is usually attributed to the quality and quantity of his sperm cells.

But unlike with the menstrual cycle irregularity, sperm count problem is usually easy to address to.

So below is a list of causes of decreasing sperm cell count and the ways on how to increase them.

  • Nutrition – poor nutrition can cause low sperm cell count. In the process of sperm cell production, it is very important for this process to receive ample amount of nutrient for it to be able to produce sperm cells with good quantity and quality. Vitamins such as Folic acid could help increase sperm cell count.
  • Smoking – smoking is one of the causes of low sperm count in men. Nicotine, the chemical agent found in tobaccos, is highly carcinogenic to the sperm cell! It may not alter the quantity of sperm cells produced, but it can change the quality of cells being produced making only a few amounts viable enough to fertilize an egg.
  • sauna bathsHeat – high temperatures are one of the many common reasons why there is a decreased sperm cell count in men. The scrotum has a range of temperature so that it could function well. But once it is exposed to heat, it may not be able to produce sperm cells enough to fertilize an egg during a sexual intercourse. Thus it is important for men to avoid exposing their genital area to heat. It is also important that their choice of underwear must not warm their scrotum to avoid heat. Going on sauna baths are highly discouraged to the men who wants to conceive because it could temporarily decrease their sperm cell count for the next seventy days.

The three factors listed above are just the major reasons why there is a decreased sperm cell count in men.

It is therefore important to remember these factors and avoid them if one wishes to increase his sperm cell count in order to fertilize the ovum.

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